Psychology: False Memory Syndrome & The Story Of Meredith Maran

The syndrome which resulted in thousands of false sex abuse cases in the United States.

3 min readAug 2, 2020

Recently I was perusing a book, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck, by writer Mark Manson, where he, in chapter 6, discussed a condition which was surprising the west shore of United States in the last part of the 80s and mid 90s. Many individuals were discussing it, many individuals were expounding on it in the work day megazines, even a few specialists and therapists directed meetings with the people who recognized themselves as a casualty of that disorder.

Therapists clarified the False Memory Syndrome as a sickness where an individual is encountering bogus recollections, and verifiably erroneous memories of recollections which hasn’t occurred in any circle of life however still unequivocally accepted to be valid by the people in question. Bogus/False Memory Syndrome (FMS) is the misleading, and more often than not really erroneous life occasions, memories of recollections that never occurred in the casualty’s life. Highlight be noted is that the mental diary doesn’t perceive the sickness as a Psychotic Illness. Numerous casualties accept the disorder impacted their identity and relationship with their nearby relatives. During the 80s and 90s numerous therapist and creators portrayed the circumstance of west coast inlet region as ‘Inbreeding Nation,' many individuals asserted they were physically attacked and manhandled by their nearby relatives when they were kids. One such individual was Meredith Maran, who blamed her dad for physically mishandling her when she was a kid, these all allegations depended on remembered recollections and remedial counsellings.

Meredith Maran

Meredith Maran was a Journalist & author at several local magazines in the bay area in late 80s & 90s. In 2010 she published her memoir named My Lie where she recounted her events of accusations on her father where she accused him of sexually abusing her. In her memoir, she talks about the themes of false memory syndrome, the sex abuse panic spread throughout the 1980s & 90s in the United States, and coming to realise her mistake & taking responsibility for her actions. She further talks about the falsely accused persons with charges of sex abuse & compassion for them, her most of the recounts are statistically supported by her experience at the child abuse prevention area. Her recollections of events are taken from talks with numerous persons who experienced the false memory syndrome in their lives.

Meredith Maran talk about the event in her memoir, after the event she & many other people (supposed victims) realised that they were wrong about the whole thing, so were their memories, all of the recollections were false & metaphors, devoid of any fact.

In 1988, when I was 37, I accused my father of molesting me. I didn't see him or talk to him for eight years. I didn't let my kids see him for eight years, either. At the time, I was a reporter covering the "recovered memory" phenomenon sweeping the country. A toxic cocktail of overzealous therapists and a media frenzy playing out in the background convinced untold numbers of Americans that they'd repressed traumatic incest memories. I was dating an incest survivor. I was teaching a women's writing class; nearly every student was writing an unpublishable sexual abuse memoir. I was living on Planet Incest.

After someone gave me a copy of The Courage to Heal, a wildly popular book that led many to think of themselves as abuse victims, I started having nightmares about my own father molesting me. My friends, my lover, my counselor told me not to doubt the visions. I didn't need to "prove" anything, they insisted—I just needed to believe my "memories." Literature

The movement Meredith talked about in her memoir was mostly sponsored by leftist political organizations, overzealous media persons & radical feminists of the bay area, after the events in late 90s, many people came out & accepted their mistake, they took the responsibility of telling people about their experiences through writings and other Mediums. Literature